Unable to connect to wifi with RPI3


Hi all,

I have been having issues connecting my RPI3 to my wifi. I was able to initially connect my RPI3 on my home wifi with resin OS 1.24 a few months ago. Since then I have not been able to connect to the wifi with any of the available OS’s (resin 1.xx-2.xx). I am able to connect with the default raspbian OS with no problems. I was able to connect it a few months ago with the raspbian OS and I am still able to connect to it now with the rasbian OS. I am a novice when it comes to software :), any pointers you guys can give me? Thanks in advance for the help!!!

  • PK2424



Has anything changed in your wifi setup in that time e.g. different router, ssid, password or security?

Have you tried moving closer to the router? If the connection is marginal it may be that small differences can make all the difference.