Samsung television does not discover balena sound bluetooth signal

Hello, I’m experiencing the issue that my samsung LED television does not discover the bluetooth signal from baleno sound on my RPI3. I’m able to connect with my phone and macbook. I think the tv does not support the bluetooth profile. Can you lease let me know how to chnage is or can there be antoher solution? Ronald

Hi Ronald,

Just to rule out any issues on the Raspberry Pi 3 or in its Bluetooth capabilities, can you try the same steps that Balena Sound does using bluez and bluealsa-aplay ( on another Linux computer (maybe another Balena Cloud device type) and seeing if the TV discovers it?

Can you also obtain detailed information about the Bluetooth adapter in the TV, so we can compare it with i.e. the ones that MacBooks ship with?

Thank you for your reply. I know the problem is not in the bt adapter or rpi3 capabilities. In the past I tried:

And with bt-speaker I was able to stream from the tv to the rpi3 but had a lot of trouble with the sound quality.I Will trilt to find the details of the Samsung smart tv. Is there anything i can try at this moment?


  • Can you share the exact model of the TV? Maybe the information we want about it’s BT adapter is already online and we can search for it.
  • And like my colleague mentioned, it would be great if you could try using bluez and bluealsa-aplay from another Linux machine and share the output/logs for that if any

I’m also experiencing this problem. I run Balena Sound (balenaOS 2.58.3+rev1) on a RPi 3B+ and bluetooth is discoverable with an iphone XR, a MacBook (2016) and various ipads, Spotify connect also works fine. However, my Samsung Frame 55" (2020, QE55LS03TAUXXC) does not discover the bluetooth of the RPi. Is there a solution for this?