Project Fin Launch

Hi everyone,

I hope all of you are as excited as I am regarding the launch of the Fin board.

I have been in touch with the development team over email regarding a few questions but I thought it would be useful information for the rest of the community.

First off, when will the project Fin be launched? I have not heard any recent updates on this, it would be great to know for everyone interested in using these boards.

Secondly, in my use case I will deploy my product within EU for digital signage purposes. For this I will need to re-do some of the CE tests due to regulation. It would be great to hear from the team which harmonized CE-tests were conducted for the board, and also FCC tests for the Americans.

Best regards


Hi Fredrik,

We’re getting ready to make the Fin generally available within the next couple of weeks - more to come soon!

In regards to certification, we’ve completed modular certification for both CE and FCC, so you shouldn’t need to re-do any tests to include the Fin in your digital signage product.

You can see the certification documents, which details the tests that were conducted, for FCC here and CE here


It’s not clear from whether any or all of the items are ready for shipment to the USA despite being ready to take payment. Are the DIN-rail cases and all memory variants of the balenaFin shipping?

Hi arri,

Thanks for your interest in the balenaFin! We are currently shipping all the products available in the store, including all the Fin variants and the Developer Kit.

Regarding the DIN-rail case, we are taking pre-orders to be shipped mid/late November.

Shipping to the USA is also available.