Certifications BalenaFin v1.1

I saw in the documents that BalenaFin v1.1 is CE marked (among other certifications).

Has it also been EMC tested? Are the declarations of conformity available? Or otherwise the users would have to pass this certification assesments in case they would want to commercialise a final product (using the Pi Compute module + GSM module + some specific application software for example)?


Hello there, I’ll pass this request to the fin team. We’ll get to you shortly.

Hello @ibarroso

The balenaFin is indeed CE compliant. You can find all the information about our certifications here (including EMC tests).

Depending on your final product, you might be required to perform additional tests, particularly if you plan to add a GSM module. In this case you’ll be able to use our reports as a base and reduce the overall number of tests required. I suggest you reach out to a certified lab and provide details about your specific use case. We’d be happy to help answer any questions they may have.


Plain clear now! Thanks for the quick response.