Balenafin alternatives

Unfortunately Balena doesn’t ship BalenaFin to my country (Brazil)!
Any suggestions for other boards for CM3 that I can use with BalenaCloud?

Hi @foliveira15,

Welcome to the forums!

We would definitely like to have you as a BalenaFin customer.

I asked our supply engineer about delivering BalenaFin to Brazil.

He will come with an update.

That would be great!

Hello @foliveira15 . Thank you for your interest in the balenaFin! We are currently undergoing the certification process to open new markets. It really helps us prioritize if we have interest for a reasonable quantity form a customer.

For the first customers in each country we are able to send paid commercial samples that are usually waived from certification requirements. We can start that process via email ( if you’re interested.

Regarding CM carrier-board alternatives, it will help us if you could provide some more information about your requirements. I will then take a look at balenaCloud supported boards and let you know.


Hi @ntzovanis!
Thanks for the fast response! I sent a e-mail at