Plans to get UL listed?


Is the Fin board certified with UL or are there any plans to certify it in the near future?

Do you have any other certifications that allow the use of Fin in the US Market?

Thank you!


You can find the list of certifications that we have for the balenaFin below -

About, I see that it’s an agency that helps with getting products certified. Is that right? Is there a specific standard that you are thinking about? Would love to know more about the standard and the usecase that you are thinking about using the balenaFin for.

UL is the name of the company and the name of the standard. Any products that shall be used in US market need this UL mark certification. We are planning to expand to US and therefore this certification is required.

Could you start an internal topic about this and let us know?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @sicabboy ,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I assume the standard you’re interested in is the UL electrical safety standard. In that case, it’s not generally required for selling in the US, but rather something that some big retailers require.
The balenaFin is not currently UL certified, and even if it was, you’d still be required to certify the bundled product. Though having the main component certified will definitely help make the process easier. We’d be willing to help with the safety test if there is enough demand for it. I’m interested to hear a bit more about your use case and which specific safety test you’re targeting.
If you’re not comfortable sharing those details in public, feel free to contact us at