WiFi Engineering mode on Balena Fin for applying CE Compliance

I got the problem using Balena Fin motherboard to apply the CE Compliance Certification, since the Lab is asking me to provide the Engineering mode, which can control the WiFi into:

  • Fixed Frequency for Tx continuously, they need to test Low, Mid and High Frequency Channels

  • Kind of Throughput mode, which can perform the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) / RSE (Radiated Spurious Emissions) Tests

Do you have any support for me to getting my Balena Fin running in the Engineering Mode on WiFi for the Compliance Test requirement?

That is super urgent for me, and looking for your help on that.

Best Regards,

Hi William,

The Balena Fin is already CE certified, including modular certification. You do not need to re-test the board in order to include it in your product.

We’re in contact with your team regarding your lab’s request and are seeing what we can provide, but again, it should not be necessary.