Project balena-sound architecture question

If I already have an existing project for balena-sound and it’s working with a raspberry pi, can I add an orange pi device I have under the same project or do I need to create a secondary project with the Orange pi architecture? Not worried about multi room for this.

Hi @jayjr1105 - the answer is, “it depends”. :slight_smile:

Is your current balenaSound application using a 32-bit or 64-bit OS? Which type of a Raspberry Pi are you using?

The Orange Pi’s that we support are all 32-bit boards, so if you have a 64-bit App, it can’t be added. In that case, you’d have to make a new Application, as you stated.

If your current App is 32-bit however, it might work. I say might, because I don’t think we have tested balenaSound on an Orange Pi. So, I’m not entirely sure if it will work or not! But, it’s worth giving it a try, ha.

Is there a list of devices that fully support Balena-Sound? Not just Balena OS which seems to be a lot of devices.


We do have a list of recommended devices which are specifically supported by balenaSound. Here you can find more details: Device support - Home

Let us know if you have any other question.