No sound from 3.5 mm output

Hi everyone.
I just installed BalenaSound, but there is no sound coming out from the 3.5 mm output. I’ve now tried with two different Raspberry Pi 3 b+ and the result is the same: no sound at all. What to do?

Hi there, are you running a 64-bit version of the OS by any chance (when you created the app in the dashboard, there would have been two options)?

I’m running the 64 bits distro, yes. I have tried to find a 32-bit instead, but you only allow me to download the 64 bit version.

There is a known issue running balenaSound on x64 bit OS and there is a workaround here.

Alternatively, you can create a new app with the Raspberry Pi 3 device type and redeploy the code.

Can’t I just download a 32-bit version of balenasound somewhere and make a reinstall?

The balenaSound code needs to be (re)built for the different OS architecture, so it’s not possible to just download it. First, a different (x32 bit) OS image needs to be re-flashed onto the Pi and then a new release built/pushed/deployed on to a factory flashed device.

When will this bug be fixed so I can just install and run it without trying to get workaround to function, since I can’t?

It is not possible to change existing application to use a different device type/OS, but it is possible to create a second app with a different device type and re-flash, Alternatively, you could try the workaround on the existing x64 bit OS you have deployed.

The case is that I’m not sure how to make that workaround. I’ve managed to find and download the 32-bit version of BalenaSound, reflash the sdcard again and the run it, but after that I could now find the device with Spotify. It looked like no services were running of the device. I then reinstalled the 64 bit version, booted it up without HDMI attached and problem remains the same. So I have to do some sort of a workaround that I don’t understand how to do. I looked at your linke but I dont get it.

Could you please grant support access from the dashboard to the device you are having problems with so that we can take a look?

done :slight_smile:

Also, if you could share the device id…

The UUID? Is that safe to share here?

You can PM/DM it me me (@)ab77 and it won’t get exposed publicly in this case.

I’ve removed "vc4-kms-v3d" overlay option from from Define DT overlays under device configuration variables as per GH issue. Can you please see if you are getting audio output from the 3.5mm audio jack now?

The sound is now working :slight_smile: Thank you so much. The Volume control, is that just a steady input and something that should be controlled on the speakers since the volume is the same no matter how low or loud I’ve set it on Spotify from my computer?

Good news. As far as volume goes, currently there is only a way to set the global baseline via a config variable and control up/down via the speaker button(s). We have an enhancement logged to look into providing this. The baseline level can be adjusted.