Problems with bluetooth pairing and lots of warnings in log

Hi guys!
I just discovered Balena Sound and last night I thought I’d love it as it was so easy to set it up. I was also able to pair it with my smartphone and everything was ok.
Today, as I switched it on again, there’s no way to pair it. The warn on the phone is “Unable to pair to balenaOS 33e2, wrong PIN or password”.
Moreover, I see a lot of errors in the log.

No need to say I am REALLY a newbie on Balena!

I’m attaching here the log. I already checked on previous posts but honestly I haven’t found a way out.
Could you please, kindly give it a look? Thank you very much!

Raspberry Pi 4 (using 64bit OS)
Host OS version balenaOS 3.2.1 (OS variant: development)
Supervisor Version 14.12.0
Current release 3.9.6

balena-sound_2023-08-22t01 51 05+02 00.txt (81.2 KB)

I want to share how I solved (at least, for now it seems I did).
Here Syco54645 tells how to delete known devices from Balena’s bluetooth. Just notice the command paired-devices is now devices