Kinda solved - Cannot connect to bluetooth from android because of "an incorrect PIN or passkey"

So my phone was paired with balenaSound and I was messing with BT settings. For good measure I “forgot” the balena device on my phone and now when I try to pair I get the error that it cannot pair because of an incorrect pin or passkey. Any idea how to solve this? In the bt logs I see it is trying to connect with my phone as a known device but fails because my phone “forgot” it. How can I forget my phone on the balena device?

I solved this myself via the command line. I am not sure if there is a way to do it via the gui.

connect to the bluetooth terminal and type bluetoothctl. you are now in the bluetoothctl application. Issue a paired-devices command, find your device and copy the address then issue remove <address>. Then you should be able to repair.