Balena Dashboard

I have balena sound installed on my raspi4 and I can see it on line in my dashboard, but it is not downloading all the services i.e spotify etc. below is the host os version.
Sorry am newbie to all this.


balenaOS 2.95.8

Hi there @Firdosh and welcome to the forums.

As a first step, I’d recommend going to the ‘Device diagnostics’ page in the dashboard and running the device health checks. If there’s anything fundamentally wrong with the device it will show up here.

If nothing shows up as a problem in the health checks, please could you share some of the logs from the device showing it trying to download the services.

Hello @Firdosh did you solve your issues running balenaSound on your device? did you try to follow the instructions from my colleague?

Hello mpous,

Thanks for reply,
I got balena working on my raspi4B everything is running fine but just stuck with bluetooth issues. When I connect my Android Bluetooth devices for the first time it connects to the pi fine. Once I reset my bluetooth device it will not connect to the pi again. This happens with all my devices only connects once the first time after reset no connection.

I have posted this problem on the forum as one of your team members requested. See below.

Thank you for your reply. Correct my android devices only connects to my Pi Bluetooth once (first time only) after restart it will not connect at all. I see this is also happening now with my Linux PC Bluetooth. also only connected once.

I am using a Pi4B 4gig. BalenaOS 2.95.8, OS Variant is Development and supervisor version is 12.11.38.
Note: My raspi 4 with Debian Buster OS the Bluetooth connection with my Android devices works perfect every time. See Attached Logs

balena-sound_evil-flower-06.04.22_12_13_09_(+0200).txt (75.3 KB)


Based on your description of the behaviour, I have a feeling that you might be running in to this issue: Problem when trying to re-pair device after unpairing - balena device retains pairing · Issue #28 · balenablocks/bluetooth · GitHub

You can try to confirm this by using the steps I outlined in that issue - if you can confirm this is the issue, let us know!

Hi Warwic, thanks for pointing me into the right direction this is exactly my problem. I am a novice so will first have to learn how to SSH into the Balena OS (Pi) and solve the pairing issue as described. I hope in future the developers can resolve this problem so more people can use this great software.