Problem Post Provisioning State


I’m kinda having a problem with one of my “new” devices (NUC - like device) that I wanted to test. It is able to install and flash the image to the local device (at least I think). But when it reboots, it’s not able to boot again. It gets stuck in this state where it doesn’t react anymore.
Well … I can see errors like :

CP437: Invalid Argument
fsck.ext4: No such fie or directory while trying to open /dev/disk/by-label/resin-rootA

But the thing is, when I use a tool like gparted-live. I can see those disks with that label …

Is there something I can do to test it further ? Or to get boot - logs, or … has someone a good idea I can try ?


@Nicky which resinOS version are you using, and is there any more info about the exact hardware that you are trying to run?

This sounds like the device wasn’t flashed properly, but that’s just an initial thought based on the issue you shown.

It’s resin os v2.12.5+rev1 (dev). And it’s an Intel Bay Trail-D J1900. (quad core celeron J1900 @1.99, 3I380D) with 4GB of ram. If you need more details, just let me know…

But it seems to start the initial flashing correctly, cause it appears on my dashboard. And it also changes state (I see it gets to the flashing state, and then offline). So the flashing “appears” to be working…

But … Is there a way to see into logs of the initial flashing ? So I can check if everything is going fine ?

That is the processor type, is that altogether in a package (like NUC), or is it a totally custom build?

The flashing logs are unfortunately ephemeral, and after the device stops, they are not kept.

Will check with our device support team for other feedback.

It’s a package like a NUC. A fanless SBC

but it’s the quad core version, not the single core.

Thanks already !

it would be interesting to know the storage medium

It’s a SATA disk : SQF-S25M4-128G-S9C

also, does the user remove the installation media afte installing?

Yes, I remove the USB key.

So first time, it boots, starts initial installation and it appears on the dashboard. Then it shutdowns. I remove the USB key, and reboot it. And then it “hangs” with those error messages …

One “strange” thing I noticed, is that, when the device booted and is in this “blocked” status.
If I insert an USB stick at that moment, I’ll see the following at that moment :

    scsi host0: usb-storage 1-1:1.0
    sda : sda1 sda2
    sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI removable disk 

It seems that “somehow” the main SSD disk doesn’t get mapped to SDA, is that a problem ?

I also tried something different: I installed ubuntu, and it seems that that just works … I have no problems there

Maybe a small update. I got it up and running. It boots and is able to download containers, …

I played around with settings in the bios to setup the disk / sata mode. And I finally found the correct settings, I guess.

I’ll continue to test and check to see if everything is working as it is supposed to work

That’s great to hear Nicky! Please keep us posted on your progress and if there’s anything we can do to help!

Thanks for the feedback @Nicky, yeah, quite likely SATA mode is required, and we mostly just assumed it, we’ll need to document that better.

So far is it working out well?


Yes, we got it up and running now. Once we got it figured out. We got it up and running without any problems.

Thanks !!!

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