Problem Logs and Restart Node

Good afternoon,

I have a problem with a node in I connected the node to Internet and this appears in the dashboard connected. Then I went to click on the node and I see the logs freezed since hours ago and when I went to click on the Restart Button the system show the error message Device not found:

I don’t know how resolve this problem. The function of the node is correct, but I don’t control it by Dashboard.

Thank you.

This is the Resin OS Version:

Host OS Version
Resin OS 2.12.5+rev2 (prod)

Supervisor Version

Because this unresolved problem… I decided replace the SD Card and configure the node again… I am worried with the stable of the Resin OS… I can’t have this type of problems in a warehouse installation… I don’t satisfied with the support provided :frowning:


From your last comment, it isn’t clear if replacing the SD actually fixed the issue. Can you confirm if the problem still persists?


Replacing the SD… the problem disappears because is a new node… But is not guarantee that the problem can come again…

Hi @leandro,
There is an issue in supervisor v7.1.18 that can cause it to get into this problematic state. The error has to do with database migrations, so it will not come again once the supervisor is running properly again.

This has been fixed in the next resinOS version that will be released soon.