Device Not Found...Application Not Upgrading even after move to another application


The last logs on the device are from 30 minutes ago. I power cycled the device. Shut it down using the terminal. It does not want to communicate again. It shows online.

Hey, the device not found is unfortunately shown when you issue a command, and the dashboard cannot communicate with the supervisor on the device. What resinOS version is it?

Resin OS 2.12.5+rev1


Is the device online at the moment? Have a hunch what might be the issue with that supervisor not working. And could you enable support access to the device?

Sorry for the late followup. I went ahead and put a fresh image on the device. and deleted the old device name. If this happens again I will be sure to follow through with troubleshooting to make sure there are no bugs. Apologies and thank you for getting back to me.

Thanks for the feedback, and no worries! We are glad that your issue was solved, that’s the most important thing :slight_smile:

To give a bit more context, there’s a issue with supervisor 7.1.18, that it might have stray locks remaining in the supervisor’s own database which blocks it from running properly. For this we have a fix, but needs manual process. It was patched in 7.1.19, so the next release of resinOS should include it.