Problem in flashing image 2019-07-10-raspbian-buster in Raspberry pi 4 through balenaEtcher-Portable-1.5.64 in 64GB SD card

At the end of flashing windows 10 system through an error and immediately the SD card drive disappeared. I inserted the same card inRaspberry pi 4 which connected to Monitor HDMI, but no input to Monitor after power on the Raspberry. I am not sure what is the issue, can any one help me to resolve the issue

Hi. After you booted the SD card with your Pi did the device come online in your balenaCloud Dashboard? Have you tried flashing the SD card again, and does the error persist if so? Thanks.

Yes, i inserted the SD in Raspberry pi 4 and powered on but nothing is displayed on the screen. I formatted the SD card couple of times with SD Card Formatter5.0.1 then flashed but getting the same issue at the end.

Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify, are you able to confirm that the device does in fact appear in the balenaCloud dashboard?

Additionally, what image file are you downloading, precisely? Where has the .img file that you are flashing actually come from? I am curious if you are attempting to flash balenaOS, or, if you are provisioning the device through balenaCloud, after creating an Application first.


Are you using Etcher to flash BalenaOS your SD card? What error is being displayed after flashing?

I flashed the image 2019-07-10-raspbian-buster.img, I can see the status until Finishing… (after 100%) then suddenly got a pop up saying there is a issue in SD card and at the same time the drive shown in explorer disappeared.

Thank you very much for clarifying. Are you able to provide a screenshot of this error that you are receiving, so that we can take a look and determine if this is an Etcher issue, or, a Windows 10 error being displayed?

Thanks for your support, unfortunately i didn’t take screenshot. So i am flashing or redoing the same now. i will share the screenshot once done.

This time i got success message (uploaded) but when i boot with SD card, i am getting no signal on the screen. I test the connectivity between pi and monitor, it fine. Not sure what i am missing.

Does the device appear in your balenaCloud dashboard at all?

Excellent, I’m glad to hear that you were able to successfully flash the SD Card now.

As for the Raspberry Pi and monitor, I am not entirely certain what that issue might be. What type of a RaspberryPi is it? Pi3? Pi4?

Other tests you can perform include:
Try hooking it up to another monitor, to see if that works.
Make sure your power supply is providing enough voltage to power on the board.
Connect an ethernet cable, and see if the Pi is capturing an IP Address from your router.

Ultimately though, this now sounds like a device issue, but hopefully those tips help. Thanks!

This is the first time i setting up pi with raspbian-buster image but not the BalenaOS. And not getting on BalenaCloud dashboard.

@dtischler, i am using Raspberry Pi 4.

I am sure the power supply is not an issue.

As suggested, I will try with other monitor and connect an ethernet cable to see if an IP address is capturing.

Sounds good, hope it works!

@dtischler, I disconnected mouse and keyboard and then booted the pi, it started working. i can able to see desktop on the monitor. I believe, Pi was looking into the USB drive for booting earlier.

Thanks all for your support, its working now.

Glad to hear, thanks!