Online log console prints 3 times the same message

Hi all, we have been seen a glitch in the log console: it prints 3 times each message line on the log. Sometimes it is fixed by refreshing the browser, but sometimes not, and keeps happening for a while.

Has anyone else experienced this same issue?


I have not seen that behavior before. Are you referring to every message you see in the logs or to messages coming from your application?

Hi, I’m referring to the messages I see displayed on the logs (through the web console). I assume it is a front-end problem, because my device is not actually sending 3 times each message, and as I said this problem disappears once you reload the web.
If it helps I’m experiencing it on Mozilla Firefox, but this is also happening to one of my colleges on Google Chrome.
I don’t have any steps to reproduce this issue, but in my experience using the console, it happens more often when the logs are expanded as a big window.

I am monitoring an application of my own to see if I can hit that situation.

Hi again, I found the problem. These are the steps to reproduce it:

  • Go to a device’s log on an application
  • Click on the UTC button and click again quickly
  • After that, the logs will be repeated twice

If you keep clicking UTC twice, the logs will repeat that number of times.
I hope that helps to solve the issue

Consistent replication steps like that are sometimes one of the hardest parts of solving an issue, thank you. I’ll ping this across to one of our our Front End developers to see if he says “oh yeah, that’s easy” or “eugh, really?”

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Hi, our recent release fixes this issue and also makes the log reload when toggling UTC much faster. Thanks for the bug report!

Confirmed, awesome! Thanks to you guys.