Logs not updating in dashboard (restart needed)

Hi, I am experiencing a dashboard-related issue.

Background: I am currently working on a multi-container application.

After pushing new code, I notice that the Logs widget is either very slow or it just freezes. I end up restarting the application to get up-to-date logs. Immediately after hitting restart I see a lot of (apparently buffered) lines flushing in. Is it just the internet connection from the git repository to the resin.io server or a known issue?

Hi Ionita,

Is it specifically restart related? If you refresh the page entirely, do the logs then appear?

It’d be useful to know a little more about your configuration - if you could open https://www.whatsmybrowser.org, and send us the link that shows, that would be very helpful.

These logs are actually sent straight from the device to pubnub, and then delivered from their servers directly into the UI, so they’re not really using our internal infrastructure at all. It looks like everything’s working on their end though, and dashboard logs seem to work correctly for me.

Is there any more information in your browser? Are there any errors from the dashboard in your browser console (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+J), or do you perhaps have any extensions enabled that might be causing problems here?

Hi Pimterry,

browser and OS infos are below.

Refreshing the dashboard page does not make a difference.

At some point restarting or rebooting the device stopped working as well (error: ‘Device not found’)

Right now, Logs are showing lines from yesterday (last timestamp at 9PM) after having just pushed new code into resin remote 10 minutes ago (9 AM).

I suspect a device connection issue, although we have plugged & unplugged the LAN cable in the device and restarted it.

Browser Info:
Operating system: Ubuntu
Javascript enabled: Yes
Cookies enabled: Yes
Flash version: Not installed
Java version: Not installed
Websockets supported: Yes
Browser size: 1845 x 1079
Screen size: 1920 x 1200
Color depth: 24 bit
Your full user agent string is: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:59.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/59.0

Browser console shows nothing that I found relevant.

Thanks for your help.

hey @ionita, the logs not updating and the “device not found” message when running a device action is due to the supervisor not running properly. (the message is misleading, we have an issue opened for that).

What resinOS version are you using?

Could try to fix the device up by connecting to the hostOS and running

systemctl restart resin-supervisor

which should bring it back. If it doesn’t, then probably there’s some information in the logs:

journalctl -f -a -u resin-supervisor

Does this help? If not, just let us know, and we can take a look at the device.

Hi @imrehg, thanks for your tips! I could not get back on this, as our device was disconnected and could not replicate the error afterwards.

I will keep in mind the supervisor restarting and logs though, in case I stumble upon it again. Otherwise I will get back to the forums.