Logs not showing correctly

Currently, our devices’ log screens are not updating. Have to constantly refresh the screen to see anything current. Of course, once you refresh, you’re looking at old data. It’s like the logs are just not tailing. This is across all of my devices. My colleague has also confirmed the same behavior. We are seeing this on new deployments, as well as on old. @amarshall

This seems to have been fixed.

Hello @tdickson

There was an API outage at this time which caused the issue you experienced. This has been resolved now. In future you can check for any system issues by visiting our status page here

Thank you for you patience
Regards - Mark

Hi Mark. I did look at the status page before posting my question. Status page mentioned issue with logs was on the 21st of November and was resolved. I posted on the 22nd as the issue was ongoing. As you are referring to an API outage, there were outages on the 21st, 22nd and the 23rd, none of which spanned over two hours according to the status page. As I mentioned before your post, the issue with logs was resolved by your team. Thanks.