"Applied configuration change" message loop in device log

Hello, after an update and reboot of device 0e771b3 to Resin OS 2.12.6+rev1 (prod) with supervisor 7.4.3, I saw an infinitely looping message in the device log page like this.

06.05.18 21:33:18 (+0200) Applied configuration change {"RESIN_HOST_LOG_TO_DISPLAY":"false"}
06.05.18 21:33:18 (+0200) Applying configuration change {"RESIN_HOST_LOG_TO_DISPLAY":"false"}
06.05.18 21:33:18 (+0200) Applied configuration change {"RESIN_HOST_LOG_TO_DISPLAY":"false"}

As it were, I did have an override for this in the device configuration (albeit disabled). Deleting the override then unblocked the device from downloading the next commit. Given this behaviour, it should probably be a bug to fix.

06.05.18 21:39:35 (+0200) Applied configuration change {"RESIN_HOST_LOG_TO_DISPLAY":"false"}
06.05.18 21:39:42 (+0200) Downloading delta for image 'registry2.resin.io/v2/...@sha256:...'

I’ve granted support access in case you would like to investigate further.

Feel free to resolve this as a duplicate of this issue: Strange messages in log file which appears to describe the same problem.

same here… please help. granted support access as well

@maoie, can you please try removing the RESIN_HOST_LOG_TO_DISPLAY config var? You need to remove it, by hitting the trash can icon, merely toggling it won’t help.

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ok. ill try. thanks

thanks. removing the config var solved my problem. thank you so much dfunct! :slight_smile: