No resinOS version available for Nitrogen6X

Currently, there is no version available for Nitrogen6X

  1. Is there a plan to support the board?

  2. If it is not supported, why is it in the device type menu?


Hi @jalim
We offer resinOS v1.6.0 for the Nitrogen6X - it appears that there is a bug preventing it from appearing on the dashboard. I’ll investigate this further.

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@lucianbuzzo Awesome! thanks

@jalim I investigated this issue further: We no longer support provisioning of resinOS v1.x.x on new applications. We do plan to release 2.x versions for the Nitrogen6X board, however I don’t have a time estimate for this.
I understand that the workflow here is probably a little confusing and I’ve raised an issue to discuss how to better communicate this situation to our users.