resinOS 1.26.0 now out


Even though the next generation resinOS 2.0 is available for a while now, we had feedback to back-port some of the updates to the 1.x line. The result is resinOS 1.26.0 release, where the big part of changes comes from a newer and improved version of the resin supervisor (4.1.2). It should bring more stability and bunch of bug fixes!

If, for whatever reason, you’d still prefer to deploy devices with resinOS 1.x, make it this version!


Hi Imrehg,

Thanks! After I upgrade a device to 1.26 I still see supervisor version 2.8.3 in the dashboard, instead of the 4.1.2 that you mention. Is that correct?



Yes, that is the case for the dashboard resinOS update at the moment, it updates just the OS. It is something we are adjusting as well, so will keep you posted.