Variscite DART 6UL support in staging


I recently saw that the resin staging has support for the Variscite DART UL6 Boards. We have been in contact with Variscite more than a year ago and they offered some very very attractive prices when ordering a higher volume of their DART UL6 Board. But since this board was not supported by resinOS back those days we switched onto Raspberry for production.

With resinOS2.0 being compatible with the DART 6UL (soon - I hope as actual release) things change and I really really would love to hear if someone at resin has made some tests with that board? What about reliability? Performance? I mean the largest version has 512MB RAM and 600+ MHz CPU + different settings of flash memory.

This board really really is so very attractive to us / our customers. Would appreciate any feedback!




Hey there!

Sadly, no-one in the team has real-world experience with the Variscite DART UL6 Boards yet, and we don’t have any performance/reliability measures yet given that the board is still on its testing phase.

It does look like a pretty solid board with onboard eMMC, however that’s all we can say for now, but maybe some other users have something to say!


I have a dev-board here so I could make test, etc. - Those boards are very interesting for us so I am willing to put some time into testing and sharing infos.

On the resin staging you can however find instruction on how to flash the board (with using a dev board) so there might be a chance that someone already has gotten it in his hands!?


Hi Simon,
We do have access to the board, but we are still in the testing phase. That said - any feedback on the images will be useful. You can follow the development for this board at ( ).


Hey @lifeeth I was able to make some test with my Variscite DART-6UL DevBoard and was able to boot up resinOS 2.0.

What is working:

  • Both Ethernet-Ports (yes it has two!)
  • Display (Splash-Screen - making Electron-Tests)

What is not working:

  • WiFi

I have created an issue.

It seems that the Broadcom WiFi 43430 Chip is not being initialized properly. I have taken a look at the console and I seems that there is a problem writing settings / firmware to that chip / it’s EEPROM - Is this the same chip, that the Redbear IoT Phat Hat is using?

So there is a Thread here in the forums which mentions how this is going to work - so this maybe helps: