Updating resinos to 2.9.6

Hi All,

I have 2 devices in my application. The first one i was able to update to Resin OS 2.9.6+rev1 (prod) while the second i can’t. There is no ResinOS Update button in the Actions Page of this device. Please help. :slight_smile:

@maoie Can you sent a private message with the device dashboard URL of the problematic one?

private message sent

Hi @maoie, that second device is a .dev device that is not eligible for self-service updates (see the docs) Was that deployed as a .dev by accident? If you’d like, our support can update that device manually as well, but it will become “production” version.

Oh, that’s why. Thanks. I didnt notice that. Will there be a big difference if we move it to production?

You can check the differences between Production and Development images here in the docs: https://docs.resin.io/understanding/understanding-devices/2.x/#dev-vs-prod-images

Dear @imrehg and @agherzan is this possible to do the same thing for me? Switching from .dev to prod device and update it?

Thanks for your help.

Sure thing, we’ll sort you out. Sending you a private message to get started!

The device is now updated to the latest production version for @kalon33. :checkered_flag:

thank you :slight_smile:

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