No cursor in Terminal window

There is no cursor in my terminal window.
Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

What OS/browser you are using
Do you have a prompt there but no cursor? What happens if you click on the web terminal area?

I’m using Windows 7 Prof 64bit.
Yes I have a prompt, root@8c1612e:/opt/ttn-gateway# but no cursor.
When I click inside the terminal area nothing happens.
I can type text inside the terminal - no problem, but its hard to go back and correct any typos if there is no cursor (white square) to show where exactly in the line I am.

Also - there is no cursor inside nano - I have to guess what line I’m on when editing.

What browser are you using?

Internet Explorer 11

Hi, sorry for the delay, checked it out, and indeed there’s a lack of cursor. Do you have any other issues with the dashboard or just that? I’ve passed your report on the the team taking care of the user interface, and they’ll get back to you here!

Hi! - no worries. I’ve not found any other issues with the terminal or the dashboard (as yet).
I will let you know if I come across anything odd.

In general, if you have a chance we’d recommend moving to Chrome, which is much more standards compliant, and as we’ve checked everything should work well. Though understand that that’s not always possible :slight_smile:

Hey @marssystems, here’s an update, that our UI team found the problem in the library that we are using in the dashboard, and filed an issue with the upstream project:

Will keep you posted about fixing this in the dashboard, and thanks for your patience! :slight_smile: We are also fixing some layout issues found while testing the UI in Internet Explorer.

OK - thanks.

@marssystems We’ve just released an update to the UI that should fix the cursor issue and a few other layout problems in IE11.

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