Boot Splashscreen


I have replaced the resin-logo.png located in the sd card boot partition splah directory with my own image. I use a png image 840x465 with transparent background.

At boot time my image is shown but there is a black cursor in the upper left corner that always appears ( see picture attached ).

How can I get rid of this black cursor?


Does somebody knows how?

Thanks in advance.

May be the color grade is matching it, try moving the crusor might appear at anti-color position. :grinning:


Hi @sugneberku

Thank you for your feedback.
I think the bootloader need to pass some configuration to the kernel…but I could not figured what conf data and how to pass it.
My device is headless so this has to be done via script I guess.

@rlev thats an interesting issue. Perhaps @zubairlk or @agherzan from the meta-balena team can offer some solutions here. It also might be worth opening an issue on the OS

@rlev That is strange.

Can you please share the board, os, image combination you see that in?
i.e. pi3, 2.29.2, production/development?

And what is the output of cat /proc/cmdline

That cursor implies the vt.global_cursor_default=0 is not passed to the kernel which we do for production images.



I am using balena-variscite for the dart-6ul v2.31.5 rev1 “development”.

The “development” image is probably the reason.

Q : Where in the balenaOS repo files is “vt.global_cursor_default=0” set ?


Looks like we don’t pass that option for all devices. I’ve made a github issue to track this work.


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Especifically for the

Where can I edit or add the " console=null quiet splash vt.global_cursor_default=0 " manually to get rid of the cursor?


No the issue is different and moving the cursor won’t do anything

Hey @rlev and @seoking , so the option @zubairlk was talking about was merged into meta-balena here: and will be in balenaOS 2.33.x . Then we just need to use that option in the device specific repo, which is this issue hopefully that will get tackled this week, so the cursor wont show in 2.33 on the variscite boards.

One question, which particular variscite board are you targeting? Just asking because the MX8 variant of the board is now being worked on in a separate repo here:

Thanks @shaunmulligan,

I will tested when available on balenaOS 2.33.x