Expanded balenaCloud terminal window (or log window) uses over 100% of available window space

I am using a MacBook Pro and have this problem in both Safari and Chrome.

When I expand the terminal or log window it uses over 100% of the available windows space. Once I get to the bottom of the window I can’t see the last few lines. Terminal does this all the time, whether it is maximized or not, since it is always situated near the bottom of the browser window. However, the log window only exhibits this problem when maximized.

I don’t think this has always been the case, but I don’t remember when I started noticing it.

I wonder if it is related to the fix of the following issue.

Hi there,
thanks for reporting this issue. I would like to open an issue on github and inform our Dashboard devs about it. It would be really helpful if you could give us the list of the tested browsers with their versions. To do so you can open this link and share with us the generated link.



Many thanks for providing those details. I’ve opened an internal issue and we’ll update you when we have any updates on this issue.

Are there any updates with this? Are you able to reproduce it?

Yes, thanks again for raising this issue. We should have actually deployed a fix for this not too long ago, would you mind testing it again and letting us know if the terminal is still overflowing off screen?

The terminal is still overflowing the screen. It seems like by only 1 line now, so that once you are past the bottom of the screen you can’t see the command you are typing till after you hit return.


Thanks for letting us know. I’ve reopened the ticket with the maintainer. Just to clarify, the problem is better, but not resolved?


Correct, it is better just not resolved. The log window appears to be working fine. However, the terminal window always appears to always miss the lasted line once it has reached the bottom of the window,


Our UI team is working on this, we will let you know when a new fix is deployed.