"Select a Target" button for terminal blocked

In the device view, bottom right, one can select a target to open a terminal with a device, see picture:
Unfortunately, recently this is blocked by a few div’s with class:

  • xterm-helpers
  • xterm-text-layer
  • xterm-selection-layer
  • xterm-link-layer
  • xterm-cursor-layer

These all have a size, covering the button (it rescales). Changing the size of these elements, allows to be able to click the button again.
This was tested in:

I hope you can fix this soon.

Hi, I was able to reproduce the issue.
We are working on this and will get back to you once it’s resolved.
Thank you for reporting!

It looks like it has been fixed. Thanks!

Glad to hear its working fine now. Thanks for raising this with us.