New terminal is failing often


I noticed a new layout for the terminals from today. And it appears to break pretty often. I get infinite loops of

Device disconnected



again and again and again. Any ideas how to access the console again?


Hi Justin, let me check that for you.


@justin8, I tried both of your devices and the terminal seems to be working fine from here. Would you like to jump on intercom (click the question mark bubble) to dig more into the issue?


Hi @justin8

After running more experiments we’ve been able to reproduce your issue. We’ve applied a change that’s supposed to fix it, please let us know how it goes.
As Petros suggested above, feel free to start an Intercom session (yellow round button in the bottom right corner of the dashboard) if you’d like to have a more real-time dialogue than in the forum.


Great! I’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the fast response.


It seems good now. But is it only possible to open the one terminal now? You used to be able to open a few terminals in the same pane as well as tabs in each one. I can’t seem to do that now


Hey Justin,

Thanks again for the feedback. That’s right, the current version does not support tabs or multiple terminal windows. That said, the web terminal is still a work in progress and we plan to add tabs in the next iterations. We will ping you when the tab feature is live!


hi @justin8, now multiple web terminal windows are supported on resin, had a chance to check them out?

Also, using the command line interface (CLI) resin ssh should work pretty well too, in case you want to connect from the terminal and not from the web.


Oooh, I hadn’t seen the cli ssh. I’m totally heppy now. Thanks guys!