Unable to open terminal to device

I am trying to open a Terminal, but it just freezes and crashes before the connection is made

Is there any fix for this?


That is strange. Was it working before?
Are you running an adblock in your browser?
Can you maybe try a different browser?


It was working before yes.
I am running adblock, but this is disabled on all balena sites.
I have the same issue using Microsoft Edge (Using Chrome as standard)

Can you open the browser dev console and see any errors?

Yes, i have atteched the log
dashboard.log (8.2 KB)

Can you please share a https://whatsmybrowser.org/ link?
And share a screenshot of what you see in the dashboard when you try to open a terminal?

This is what i saw, strangely it works today and i have made no changes.

Hey, my best guess is that the device was probably “offline” (disconnected from the vpn) but not timed out/marked as such yet and so when trying to connect to the device it hung trying to connect to an unreachable device. If you do hit it again whilst I’m around I can definitely check for precisely why it’s happening but it will almost certainly be a variation of one of the network connections along the being slow/hanging

I don’t think this was the issue. I got it to work on a different browser, but when trying to use my normal browser it didn’t work

Yeah that would definitely be something else. Did you attempt to connect in a new tab of your normal browser or try refreshing and then connecting? I’m wondering if it was something browser specific or if it was that for some reason the current tab got into a bad state either due to the dashboard itself or something related to the websocket

I tried to close the browser and start it again, but same error. I even tried to reboot my computer

Thanks for the extra info, we’ve now deployed a fix today for an edge case in ssh tunnelling which is the case I expect you were hitting; it would have resulted in the web terminal hanging reliably until a certain time passed and only then start working, which does match to your symptoms. Let me know if you see it again though