No Bluetooth Signal

Thought I had everything setup, but there’s no bluetooth signal. Here’s a couple notes:

  1. Got Github ssh key connected
  2. Pis automatically update
  3. Running Diagnostics on the Pi4s, I get this error under “Check_networking” “Some networking issues detected:
    test_balena_registry: Could not communicate with for authentication”
  4. The only thing listed under services is “main” and it’s running on all devices

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there,
Welcome to the forums!
From the description above, it seems you have successfully pushed an app to balenaCloud and have them running on your devices.

As for no bluetooth signal, can you please provide more details on what you were expecting? Does your application use bluetooth and sets up discoveribility, etc?
Any details you provide will be helpful in debugging this.


Sorry, I should have explained better. I’m trying to setup the multi-room speaker system. I followed these tutorials, but there’s no signal. Did I miss a step? The tutorial makes it sound like its automatic. I’m using two Raspberry Pi 4s and one Pi 3.

Can you confirm what version of balenaOS is running on those devices (note that balenaOS >= 2.38 is required)? Also, can you clarify a bit more about what you mean by “no bluetooth signal”? Does that mean that you can’t find the balenaSound devices on your mobile device, or something else entirely?

The Pi4s are on 2.56.0+rev1 and the Pi3 is on 2.51.1+rev1.

That’s right, I can’t find them on any mobile devices or my PC. They don’t show up on Spotify Connect, either.

Are all of the services listed as Running in the device page, like in this image from the tutorial:

Nope, just “main”.

Thanks, that’s very helpful! I suspect the devices have not updated to the latest release, or perhaps the build failed. Did you Deploy with balena to a new app or an existing one?

I used the Balena Cloud Dashboard to create the SD card images, then I wrote them to the disk with the Balena writing tool. So its a fresh install with nothing else on it. Is “deploy with balena” a command?

Hi, Matt is refering to the “Deploy with Balena” button at, have you tried deployin Balena Sound to your application using this button?

Thought so, I did, thanks.

Is all working as expected now?

Yes, I think so. I completely started over and found the command “balena push application name” on a tutorial from a third party site. Now the bluetooth works and I tested it on a few different speakers.

I’m not familiar with Git, so maybe its obvious to others, but I think it should be added to those tutorials I listed above.

Anyway, thanks everyone for all the help! Can’t wait to get home from work so I can finish setting everything up!