No Airplay and Multiroom wont connect


I am having a little trouble with my Multi Room Setup. I am using a raspberry Pi 4 as my master and then (3) Raspberry Pi 3 A+ as my clients in my house. Everything has been setup as you all have written but I can only bluetooth to the master. All the clients have the same error in the log and do not connect to anything and airplay does not show up only bluetooh. Can anyone help?

Hi Jack, are those Pi 3 A+ devices showing as “Online” in your balenaCloud dashboard? And, do they have all of the containers (services) running? I haven’t tested a Pi 3A, and I think they have less RAM than the model B if I remember correctly…so that could be the issue here. But, let’s at least verify they are online first. Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for the reply. Yes, they are online and everything shows up in the dashboard just fine. Those error messages are what all of the clients say. the master is fine. But all of the clients give those error messages like they are not connecting. I believe I did the setup correctly. I made an application. Then made an image for the raspberry pi 4 and then another image for the raspberry 3’s. They are not plugged in right now but the raspberry pi 4 has a build and then the other 3 raspberry 3’s just say factory build? Is this my issue?


Can you mention what version of the balenaOS did you flash on all of the devices?

So I got this figured out… Want to let everyone know what the issue was.
I was trying to use a raspberry pi 4 as the master and the (3) raspberry pi 3 A+ as the clients. If I setup the pi 4 first then the balena sound release would not sync to the 3a+'s… I had to start with the A+'s then do the 4 last.