New device not showing up in console

Wifi connection, is up. Connected to router, so everything should be communicating. However, device is not showing up in balenaCloud.

sudo balena scan
Reporting scan results

host: a38be24.local
Containers: 1
ContainersRunning: 1
ContainersPaused: 0
ContainersStopped: 0
Images: 2
Driver: aufs
SystemTime: 2020-03-20T14:35:49.817152422Z
KernelVersion: 4.19.71
OperatingSystem: balenaOS 2.47.0+rev1
Architecture: aarch64
Version: 18.09.10-dev
ApiVersion: 1.39

Hello, Please could you confirm that your network allows traffic on the following ports:

Hi, Wide open home network. I was running 64bit OS and everything registered fine. Switched to 32bit and doesn’t seem to be working.

Downloaded and re-imaged the sdcard one more time. Looks to be registering now and showing up in console.

Ah, glad it’s working! Strange that the same procedure lead to different results. It could be that your sd card is reaching the end of it’s life.