Newbe issue - device does not show up

I have followed the ‘getting started’ via balena cloud’s dashboard.
I configure and download and burn the SD card, put it in my Rpi-4 and power up the Rpi. Then, a device never shows up in the balena cloud dashboard.

How can I tell if the device was properly formed?

I have done this several times to no avail.

I guess I will try one via the wired ethernet instead of the wireless.

Any suggestions?
Val Veirs
San Juan Island, WA

What type of SD cards are you using? I had some issues using Kingston cards, and the issue was solved when I swapped to Sandisk.

Hi Val,
in many cases this will be network related, so trying a wired connections sounds like a good idea.
Otherwise you can monitor the LED lights to see what state the device ends up in or better connect a screen to the HDMI output or use a serial console to monitor the boot process.
Using a Development version of balena might also help as you can easily connect to the device using ssh root@<device-ip> -p 22222 or directly using screen and keyboard and check connectivity and syslogs. Also the dev version gives you more console output if you are using a screen or a serial console. Regarding the the RPi4 LED’s - they are actually quite meaningful , you can find a description here: