Host OS version == unkown

I’m unable to connect to my Raspberry Pi 3 via the Balena Cloud. The device comes online initially (connects via Wifi) and provisions itself, but then I’m unable to access any of the containers, or the Host OS.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Hey there @Craigson and welcome to the forums. We’ve been able to reproduce the same issue here too and so we’re currently investigating.

Thanks @chrisys, good to know it’s not just me. I’ll keep my ear to the ground and hopefully a solution will present itself.

@Craigson this issue very briefly was affecting newly deployed devices but should correct itself if you reboot the device. Additionally the system is now patched so it won’t happen again.

@chrisys not sure if it’s related, but hitting the “reboot” button from the Balena dashboard doesn’t not reboot my physical device. It shows the device goes offline, but the device sitting next to me does not reboot.

I tried manually power cycling the device several times and the issue did not correct. I had to create a new app, and burn a new disk image to get the device online.

That could be related, the reboot button should definitely do what it says on the tin! I’d be interested to know if the reboot was is working now you’ve flashed the device again.

Yes, works as expected.