Cannot get Raspberry Pi to appear on devices list

Hi guys,

I’ve got a RPi3B+ trying to run a little github code with an external OLED screen.

I cannot get the Pi to show up on devices list after deleting all previous instances and going afresh. I’ve got the 4 green led’s and pause which means it can’t see the network.

In my router settings I have set up port forwarding for all the balena ports as mentioned here But according to my router, the pi doesn’t even come up on the connected devices list in admin mode.

I also edited the config file of “system connections” to force assign the IP address of which I set up the port forwarding for.

Alas, I still get the blinking lights showing no connection. I couldn’t find where to put in the IPs for the domains as mentioned above before on my router so i guess that might be the issue??

Please let me know how I can get my Pi to start talking to balena!


If it doesn’t even get an IP it’s really hard to debug, you will need to double check your router settings. Which balenaOS version is this?