New device image - missing the resin-supervisor image

We’ve just managed to get our new resinos image (based on a 4.4 kernel, with a number of custom modules we need) built for our hardware, and the provisioning seemed to work well, except that for some reason the supervisor docker image wasn’t loaded. By executing the update-resin-supervisor script the image was pulled successfully, and then a resin-connectable -s got everything started and connected to resin.

Is there anything we need to watch out for in our yocto recipes to ensure that we’re including the correct supervisor image in the build?


Hi @cmoss, I think these are the relevant settings:

So you’d have to ensure RESIN_CONNECTABLE and RESIN_CONNECTABLE_ENABLE_SERVICES are set to “1”. Did you change any of those? Or TARGET_REPOSITORY?

Thanks pablo,

one additional question (I’m working on new device with cmoss ;)). We’re using 4.4.48 stable kernel but in this version aufs patches cannot be applied (due to the changes in mm/mmap.c). It works fine in 4.4 kernel though. Some fixes for mmap was introduced in 4.4.2 and this is the reason why patch fails. I was thinking about adapting patch and somehow inject it but it seems to be an overkill (as everything is done in kernel-resin.bbclass. Any other ideas how to solve this issue? Thanks a lot.


Perhaps naively, but would it work if you’d update kernel-resin.bbclass for the 4.4 kernel’s aufs patch commit ID to the latest one for the aufs4.4 branch on the aufs-standalone repo? (that is cc5cfb9aa9bdb2986d24bf7b95fa594a88b1c5f8 at the moment, I think). Just a thought, because I’ve seen that there were a few changes since then on that branch.