Need old resinOS image to test resinOS upgrades

We would like to test how our devices behave while upgrading resinOS. I guess if I would download and flash an old resinOS image, I could boot it up and watch how it performs its upgrade. But I only have the most recent version and can’t find a download source for older image versions. Could somebody provide a link?

Hello, what type of app is this (Starter, Microservices, Classic, etc)? Starter and Microservices app types require very recent resinOS versions, hence only those are displayed. You can retrieve old versions by creating a Classic app and making sure you toggle “Show outdated versions” in the “Add device” dialogue.

Thanks for your quick reply!

I forgot to mention that we are using the open source version of resinOS and I got my image from so that app types should not matter anyway (I guess).

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if the whole automatic upgrade process applies to this unconnected version as well, of if this is a feature specific to users of the service.

Hi, What versions are you updating between and how are you testing the upgrades?