Supervisor missing in pre-build image?

I installed the pre-build resin-os image without modification (no WiFi required) and therefore without resin-cli.
I can pull docker images and launch containers but they are not restarted after rebuild. On this forum I read that container restarts are handled by the resin supervisor which should be listening on port 48484 according to . However, there is no process listening on that port.
What do I have to do to get the supervisor running?


Hi @camueller, you may want to post your question in, you’re likely to get a faster response from our engineers there :slight_smile:

Hi @alisondavis17, thanks for the hint - I changed the category accordingly.

Hi @camueller - the supervisor only runs and manages your containers for you on images, not plain ResinOS. ResinOS gives you the tools to do so yourself, and to directly manage docker on the device any way you’d like, but doesn’t automatically do so for you.

To automatically manage containers on your device, you’ll want to either set up a full device (which is totally free, for up to 10 devices), or build your own scripts that talk to docker to do so. The resin supervisor is open source ( so you’re welcome to use that for inspiration, but I’m not aware of any way to run it directly without using, as it expects to be able to talk to the resin api.

We are definitely interested in bringing these closer together in future, to provide more of that managed device functionality to users where we can, but that’s still a way away I’m afraid.