Multiboom-Service won't start up

I’ve got an RPI 4 and a Rip 1 Model b (512 MB, singleCore).

I successfully deployed balena sound to both; the RPI4 is connected via WiFi to my network, the old RPI via Ethernet cable. Both show up as an Airplay-Device, the RPI4 works, but I don’t get any sound out of the old Raspberry. The two Multiroom-Services just won’t start up, and I don’t get any error messages in the log.
(I want to use the old Raspbi as a Client to the RPI Sound-Server)

Does anybody have an idea how I could fix this?


Based on the description above. It looks like the multiroom-client setup might have something missing as the other device shouldn’t show up in multi-room client mode (See: Usage - Home).

Can you check on the setup and the env vars. See: Customization - Home


Hi Nitish,

thanks for your reply. After I Set the master with the IP-Address as mentioned in the doc and setting sound-mode to “multi-room client” on my rp1 (client device), I only get one entry in Airplay and the services on the rp1 seem to be fine I still cannot hear any music from my client-device.
I’ll attach the log files, maybe that helps?

Maybe the most important note from the log is, that the RP1 shows “Waiting for sound supervisor to start at”
What kind of network address is this and where can I check if that’s correct?

xx-multiroom_rpi4-09.12.22_22_14_34_(+0100).txt (117.3 KB)
x-multiroom_rpi_modelb-09.12.22_22_13_53_(+0100).txt (97.2 KB)