Balena sound - SOUND_MODE MULTI_ROOM_CLIENT not working

Hello all!

I’ve set the device variable : SOUND_MODE=MULTI_ROOM_CLIENT on a raspberri pi where I do not need to have the server but I still see the device in bluethoot and spotify connect on my network ?
Is there another way to do it ?

Hi @tonypizza - thanks for getting in touch!

To confirm, are you using a single device? If so then I don’t believe MULTI_ROOM_CLIENT will work as it would also require a second device to be set as the master, for most devices MULTI_ROOM id the default setting, but you can see the full list here.

If you are using multiple devices then the master device will automatically be any device you stream music to, if you only wish to show a single device you may have to use the SOUND_MULTIROOM_MASTER to force it to a single device.

Hope this helps : )