No Sound on any raspberry pi (4 and zero)

Hi, ths is mit first posting and also my first project with balena.
I just set up my respberry pi 4 in the livingroom and a pi zero w in the kitchen for a multi room audio system.
For audio in the livingroom, i want to use the build in 3,5 mm audio jack. For the pi zero i bought a Pirate Audio Headphone Amp and added a custom variable for it in the device-configuration.
Now both pi’s show up in my dashboard and all services seem to run except the “multiroom-client” and “multiroom-server” on the pi zero but i don’t get any audio signal out of any of them.
At least AirPlay Function seems to be working to some extend because i can choose “BALENASOUND AIRPLAY FDB4” on spotify. Although i get the message “airplay fatal error: could not connect to the pulseaudio playback stream – the error message is “Bad state”.” when connecting to it.

Dose anybody has a solution for me?
Thanks alot!

Hey there, are you having bot devices on the same application?
be aware that the pi4 and the pi Zero are very different (architecture mainly) and they should be build with two different images, therefore in two different applications.

  • If you are using the deploy with balena button as shown in this link Getting started - Home Make sure that when creating the application, and afterwards when downloading the image, you select RapsberryPi 4 Use that for your RaspberriPi4
  • Do that process again, but make sure that you are selecting RaspberryPi (v1 /Zero / Zero W) for the second application and download the image from this application for your Raspberry Pi Zero

See how this goes and get back to us if you have any further questions, or in case you were already doing this

Hello, I am trying a similar setup with a Pi 3 and Pi 0.

Will multiroom audio work across the Pi3 (server) and Pi0 (client) even though they are in separate applications?


Hi Bryan, the devices do need to be in separate Applications when using a Pi4 + Pi0, due to the difference in 32-bit versus 64-bit processors on those devices. However, in the case of your Pi3, you could in fact use a 32-bit OS, as we have one available. So, you could in fact place a Pi3 and a Pi0 in the same Application, yes.