Moving release between organizations

Hello. Tell me, is there a possibility of transferring releases between two different organizations, and the organizations belong to two different users? In this case, both users are added to each other’s members. The need for this arose, since the source code was lost, and the release was needed. How can you replicate a release? Is it possible through cloning the image to SD and changing config? Device: Raspberry PI.

Hello @rabochyyar

If you transfer a fleet to another organization, all the releases go with the fleet.

I asked this internally and there is a possibility about copying images out of a device’s engine and put them into a local Docker. Let me try to paste the steps here that the amazing @pdcastro tested below.

if the objective is to get hold of the image from a device, another option is to use balena-engine save and docker load to transfer the image from a device to the user’s laptop. The following example works for a remote, production device identified by UUID (a459e1677ba853e10af2f655faaca503 - my own device for testing):

$ balena tunnel a459e1677ba853e10af2f655faaca503 -p 22222:22222

# then on another shell prompt
$ ssh -p 22222 gh_paulo_castro@ balena-engine save | docker load
Warning: Permanently added '[]:22222' (ED25519) to the list of known hosts.
18acdb3e3c0d: Loading layer [==================================================>]  77.83MB/77.83MB
bea719f83c03: Loading layer [==================================================>]  155.8MB/155.8MB
2643aa75c6d7: Loading layer [==================================================>]  13.82kB/13.82kB
eca6e969f16f: Loading layer [==================================================>]  3.072kB/3.072kB
4949646531ae: Loading layer [==================================================>]   12.8kB/12.8kB
674a217dd857: Loading layer [==================================================>]  19.97kB/19.97kB
Loaded image:
Loaded image:

# now on the laptop
$ docker images
REPOSITORY                                                       TAG                                        IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE   latest                                     6a6422fbd832   2 weeks ago     227MB

# image now available on the laptop for perusal, re-tagging and re-deploying
$ docker run -it bash
root@23b8213d4e2c:/usr/src/app# pwd

Let us know if that works for you.

It is release id ‘b08f9b188a56ba9867d17593afeef036’?