Move devices from OpenBalena to BalenaCloud


We are currently using OpenBalena and testing BalenaCloud.

We would like to understand how we can move our existing devices from OpenBalena to BalenaCloud. All of the devices are using the production version of the RPi4 image.

Older posts claim the only way to move is by logging into the CLI and replacing the config.json.

Is this still the only way to do it? (it sounds very ‘manual’ and risky)
Or is there a new better way to do it?


Hi Rani

Thanks for your message. You can move a device from Openbalena to balenaCloud using balena leave and balena join, you can find instructions in our docs here.

Hope the testing is going well, let us know if we can assist with anything else.


Just wanted to make sure I understand this correctly.

From older forum posts my understanding is that balena leave/join is only possible on development images.

Does it now also work on production images of balena or still only on dev images?

Thanks :wink:

Great question! It depends.

Using join on a dev image will connect it to your balenaCloud dashboard under the application you specify. For leave you just specify the device IP address.

For production devices, you need to inject your SSH key into it first. Use these instructions to do so.