Clone existing release

I have a running Raspberry Pi with installed balena docker image but I lost the source code, and now I want to simply clone the latest release!

How can I do it?
(there is no balena clone command or something similar to git clone)

Thank you for any help!

Greets Peter

Hi Peter,

For reference, we don’t make guarantees of source code persistence through either balena push or git push options, only final release images. (Note that using git push is not recommended, please see Deploy to your fleet - Balena Documentation for more context.) It is generally good practice that you host your code in a git repository such as GitHub to ensure that source code is not lost. However, you may be able to recover your docker-compose.yml from your source code, by navigating on the dashboard to Applications → Releases → <YOUR_RELEASE>. Here you’ll find balena Supervisor’s interpretation of your compose file, as well as build logs.