Release transfer

Hello. Tell me, is there a possibility of transferring releases between two different organizations, and the organizations belong to two different users? In this case, both users are added to each other’s members. The need for this arose, since the source code was lost, and the release was needed. How can you replicate a release? Is it possible through cloning the image to SD and changing config? Device: Raspberry PI.

Hello @rabochyyar ,

Unfortunately, there’s no way of transferring releases from one organization to another. There is a way of recreating the release in another fleet, but it’s a bit cumbersome and hasn’t been fully tested. For that reason is not a recommended process, but here it is in case you’re fine taking the risk:

  1. Flash a development image of the original fleet in a new device.
  2. Pin that device to the release you want to copy and wait for the update to complete.
  3. balena ssh into the device and run balena images . Save the ID of all images you want to retrieve.
  4. Run echo balena save <imageIds> | balena ssh <deviceUuid> | docker load to transfer all images from the device into your local docker instance.
  5. For each image, run docker tag <image> <project>_<service> . balena deploy expects images to be tagged according to docker-compose’s scheme, which is <project>_<service> .
  6. Retrieve the docker-compose.yml used to build the release you are copying over. The file can be found in the Releases tab in the dashboard. Put the compose file in an empty directory named <project> .
  7. Run balena deploy <newFleet> from inside the directory created in step 5. If all works as expected, this should upload the saved images to your new fleet.