Location on Fold For Covid world map


I’m just wondering how one gets ones location to appear on the Google Maps world map on the Fold For Covid homepage? I’ve had 2 Raspberry Pis chugging away for a while but my location doesn’t appear on the map. I realise that my contribution may not be earth shattering as they have only racked up 3360 credits between them so far, but I was still hoping my location might appear on the map. I appreciate that my request may appear both trivial and vain (which it is!), but it would give my kids a buzz to be able to see that their old man is doing his bit for the cause.


Hi @whattheff. Welcome to the forums.

The map locations are based on GeoIP information, which are not terribly accurate. We also round the results to the nearest 10 nautical miles so that we don’t accidentally dox our users in the unlikely event that GeoIP does give us accurate information.


Hi James,

Thanks for getting back to me, and letting me know how the map locations works. I’ll just tell the kids that the location nearest to us on the map is ours :slight_smile:


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I am interested in getting my Raspberry Pi pinned on the map too. I noticed that before I turned on Raspberry Pi, there were 4 pins in the city Calgary, and after I turned on my Raspberry Pi, there were still 4 pins. However, the total number of active computers did jump by 1 after I turned on the Raspberry PI.

Hi, sometimes the pins on the map overlaps each other, if they report the same geo location. There are more than 4 pins for Calgary, one of which is yours. Thanks