rosetta : http://foldforcovid.local/ URLS arent working

as per docs on



dont work either

i am running R@H on a 1 x PI4 and 2 x INUCs

what am i doing wrong ? also i dont see how foldforcovid-2.local URLs could work without changing my DNS !

Hey @osde8info

These .local domains should work via mDNS. Majority of OS distributions support this protocol, and you should see the domain names resolved on your working machine so long as device is connected to the same network.

The first thing I would check is whether your devices are actually connected. On PI4, for example, you should not see a blinking LED. If it’s blinking like described on the referred page, your device does not have connectivity (a typical reason for me personally is a typo in Wi-Fi credentials). You might also see if devices are connected using some local router web page that displays the devices in your network.

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balena SSH is working fine so i assume PIs are running and FING gives me IP address so it is on same net but all .local URLs are not working

how does each node decide which foldforcovid-N to use anyway ?

This depends a bit on the router, as some of them will assign the numbers sequentially, but just this morning my router decided to skip all the way to http://foldforcovid-18.local !

So, you may need to query your local IP leases to find out what hostname got assigned, thanks.

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i have a very old NETGEAR router that probably doesnt have mDNS

however hard IPs (found via a FING scan) are working fine

My Raspberry Pi 4 have http://foldforcovid.lan/ working. :thinking:

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I found that it wasn’t working in Firefox, but when I tried Chrome I could access without any issues.

just been reading the balena cli manuals it says balena scan should find your vms

however that doesnt find either my pi3 or pi4 either


i can navigate to UUID.local