How to see stats on more than one RPi on the same network?

I have a Pi3 and a Pi4 running Fold on the same network. They are both set up for wired/wireless but are currently wired. If they are both running, the flodforcovid.local address will not connect to either Pi. They both seem to be crunching numbers, but I just can’t see them from my laptop on the browser.

How can I get it to see both Pi computers via the browser.

Thinking about adding more, so I would like to know how to fix this.



I assume that you have already looked at the other related questions in the Forums,

i.e. - Can't access http://foldforcovid.local/

and that you have logged into your Router to look at ALL the devices on your network?


If DNS isn’t working for them (routers vary in how they handle the hostname request), you might try connecting via the devices IP address. That should also work.

Thanks for the reply. Got the info I needed. I can now access both of them.