Raspberry Pi3B+ Cluster help

Hello, I am new here and I am looking for help to set up my Raspberry Pi3B+ cluster, I had it running Kubernetes but now I want to format the lot and set it up to run just for the COVID-19 cause.
So it has 4 Raspberry Pi 3B+ in the case…

Where do I start, a video would be a big help?

It’s great that you’re joining the Fold for Covid project! The process is simple really, you just follow the “Get Started” instructions over at https://foldforcovid.io/ for each device you want to add to the project, there’s nothing else to do.

One thing perhaps worth noting is that your devices (except the first one) will be reachable via the foldforcovid-N.local address, where N is an increasing integer, most likely 2, 3 and 4 in this case where you have 4 devices.

I am confused, so I set up the first Pi then set up the rest, so lets say I plug in the first pi then load the next and the next, then after they are all loaded I will plug them altogether making the cluster once more

Hi, in the context of foldforcovid each pi will act independently as a node of the greater “cluster” that gets work assigned form the rosetta@home project

which means that you can basically do what you describe and it will just work